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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ann Coulter Declares Most Sports Invalid

Here is a list of current Olympic sports that are, per Ann Coulter, not really sports: Archery Athletics Badminton Curling Fencing Football (Soccer) Golf (who added THAT to the Olympics?) Judo Rowing Sailing Shooting Synchronized Swimming (she may have a point here) Water Polo Others may also be disqualified, but as far as I can tell, assuming she is using Soccer as her foundation, these all fail to have "[t]he prospect of either personal humiliation or major injury [that] is required to count as a sport." One can say that others belong on here too, as the opportunity for personal humiliation can be pretty low in some sports. We should note that Soccer is safe. Clint Dempsey, for instance, only pretended to have a broken nose, and that Kim Shinwook is such a pansy for not objecting when Steven Defour stomped his leg like that. Hey, Ann, go tell all your friends and admirers that golf isn't a sport. Maybe they hit one into a water hazard from time to time, but no bogey ever turned Tiger Woods into Andrés Escobar. You want personal humiliation? Go find a sport that is that extreme. Go find it and play it badly. Please.