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Friday, August 08, 2014

Coulter Fail

Once more Ann Coulter has jumped the shark. Actually, I think she has jumped the majority of the world's shark population by this point, but that's for another time. As many know by now, Ann Coulter has claimed that the United States is Jesus' favorite country. In fact, according to Coulter, Jesus cares less about people elsewhere in the world than here. There can be no other explanation for her claims that a small town in Texas is more deserving of an infectious disease specialist's skills than, say, people in a region beset by an infectious disease. It is interesting, too, to note that as Coulter criticizes this doctor for risking his own life to save others—something she no doubt equally despises about members of our armed forces, because she is fair and evan-handed in her thinking—since he is a Christian doctor not converting Hollywood power brokers, she is neither saving people from the ravages of disease nor converting said Hollywood power broker. Indeed, I have yet to learn what Coulter does contribute to the world, outside of contributions she makes in her own mind. I hope Zavala County can survive its outbreaks of Ebola, meningitis, and conservative stupidity, all of which have been shown to be lethal, without the good doctor. Indeed, here I feel I must borrow a turn of phrase from the Coulter herself: "There may be no reason for panic about the Ebola doctor, but there is reason for annoyance at Coulter's narcissism." After all, once more she claims she can read minds, but unless she is a successful product of the CIA's or KGB's remote viewing programs, I must say I rather doubt her claim. She doesn't know the unspoken motivations of others, no matter how she might try to convince others she does.


At 7:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Coulter has lost all credibility. See essay: “Ann Coulter’s Xenophobic Anti-Gospel of Hate” at

Coulter condemns Christians for practicing their faith just as she has condemned conservatives for being principled. In her Ebola diatribe, Christian missionaries are hypocrites seeking to be seen as heroic but are really cowards for not staying in America to fight the culture wars.

See The Gospel According to Ann Coulter at

At 12:49 AM, Blogger Andrew Purvis said...

Dear Anonymous,

While I agree with the general thrust of your comment, it is based upon a false premise. For Coulter to have lost any measure of credibility, she must have had some. Instead, I propose she has lost relevance.


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