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Thursday, September 04, 2008


Noonan and company on Palin.


Last night I sent a note to the McCain campaign through its web site. In that note I asked whether the campaign would repudiate the manner in which former New York Mayor Giulliani mocked and ridiculed the work of Barack Obama as a community organizer. Of course, one cannot expect any reply, particularly when not donating money. Still, as I noted in my earlier post, I have yet to hear one person, whether part of the formal campaign or just a private citizen, give any reason to vote for John McCain without taking shots at Obama or at the Democratic Party. It is true that the Obama campaign has turned more negative lately, but I have seen plenty of campaign ads and spoken to plenty of people meeting those criteria.

As McCain is, at this moment, delivering his acceptance speech, he is claiming to respect Obama and Obama's supporters. Senator, as a voter and as a distant relative, I ask that you demonstrate that respect for a change. I have heard about how McCain is about action and Obama is all about words. Senator, it's time you prove that.