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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Too Long...Oh, and Food

I have been prodded, now, for some time to post here again, most recently just over a week ago. Finally, though I have something. It's not just something, but a blog post in (almost) the purest sense. I say this is almost pure because it was not a surfing discovery, but a radio nod from Lynne Rossetto Kasper's Splendid Table.

My wife and I are, like most people, creatures of habit. When we go out to eat, we eat where we always eat. Sure, we have a reasonable variety of restaurants in our repertoire, but finding new places is a real crapshoot (sadly, there is too much crap out there to be shot, so we do not experiment too often).

However, as I sit here completing a reply to Bill over at 12tutufondue, I feel I need to put this one down. Urban Spoon, provided you are in one of the covered cities, is quite a handy little site. I certainly do not agree with the pull quote about how dry Top Pot Doughnuts are, having twice enjoyed perfectly delicious ones at work (for the record, I have eaten Top Pot precisely twice, as I do not yet have a location on them and am better off not bringing them home).

If you find your area covered by the folks at Urban Spoon, take a little time to do some digging. You may well find a few hidden gems that even your more adventuresome might never have found. And oh how jealous that will make them!