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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Straw Poll

So once more Ron Paul has won the CPAC Presidential Straw Poll (and before anyone jumps on me for the selection of source, I took the first hit on Google). The most amusing part of this is the quote from David Keene, organizer of the host group, in referring to Congressman Paul (R-TX): "Ron Paul energized kids, and I want those kids."

We've seen that a solid youth vote can move a presidential election (1960 and 2008 are key examples). We have also seen how little such a group did in 1972. The problem here is the dismissive choice of language. Kids? Seriously? You're looking for kids? You don't want educated youth? Young voters eager to make a passionate and reasoned case for your eventual candidate? Wait. Nope. Reasoned arguments have not been winning you any elections lately. Go for the kids.