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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Mojave? Kinda Dry

I final decided I would take Microsoft up on visiting the site for the well-advertised "Mojave Experiment" so I could see what they had going on. In case you have missed the ads (oh, to be you who have), Microsoft shows people who were told the latest OS was "Windows Mojave," at which point said people gushed. We are not shown in the ads what these people were shown, and even on the site, the introduction to the OS is kinda lame.

Still, let's try something here. I took a look at one of the videos by the MS guys, and I found the "Instant Search" functionality was, while zippy enough on their 2.2GHz Core2 Duo laptops, no faster than my OS X 10.5 on my 1.2GHz G4. They pointed out that their machines were not top of the line and were one year old. Mine is not top of the line, and it is four years old. Come on, guys. If you want to impress, at least beat out the machine on which I am typing this, and do it using a feature I didn't have for over a year before your not-so-new machines were made.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

"World Peace"

Sandra Bullock is wonderful in this role, but I was surprised to see Joe Biden in the same movie.

Update: Sandra Bullock was victorious in the first two movies. I didn't think they would write such a dark ending for the Gracie Hart character. Looks like an end to the sequels.