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Friday, February 18, 2005

Spinning in iTunes

Here's this week's iTunes shuffle, and I can tell by the first one that providence is shining on me.

"Switch" by Ryuichi Sakamoto, from Love Is The Devil
"Muskrat Love" by America, from Hat Trick (this is the original)
"Geoff Downes — Keyboard Solo" by Asia, from Live Mockba 09-X1-90
"Need To Be Right" by Tim Finn, from Say It Is So
"Real Love" by Yes, from Talk
"Last Day Of June" by The Finn Brothers, from Finn Brothers (released under band name "Finn" overseas)
"Beautiful World" by Paul Carrack, from Beautiful World
"Music Time" by Styx, from Caught In The Act
"Bed" by Ryuichi Sakamoto, from Love Is The Devil
"Hello City" by Barenaked Ladies, from Gordon

Wow, was that a disaster! One of those is a song I listen to purely because I think it's good, and then only when I am in the right kind of mood. Well, at least I got no repeats. But why couldn't I get two Sakamoto tracks from different albums? Oh well. Maybe next week my iTunes will redeem itself.


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