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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Programmer Needed


One hungry programmer, ideally working in Java or Objective-C with knowledge of Macintosh APIs. Need a coding project for a CS class? I have just the thing. Why design a calendar or a game when you code a game that someone has already designed? Remove that first step in the process and sit down to code up a storm!

OK, so here's the deal. If the reps aren't going to take it, then I want this thing out there in front of people. I can slap together a little this and a little that, but I can't, in the end, do real programming. My functions are hacks, and my objects are bloated. The last time I took a programming class, I used a state-of-the-art Commodore Vic 20 (the first time, of the two classes I took, we used brand-spankin'-new Commodore Pets).

My profile here contains all of my contact info, so get on the horn if you are interested!


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