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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Can We Face The Truth?

I have seen my share of crazy ideas, and the Internet has, of course, accelerated the rate at which those ideas pop into my awareness, but this one may just be too far out there. Then again, maybe not. If you ever say the Travolta/Cage vehicle Face/Off, you've seen faces switched on two men. While John Woo did a fine job hiring the effects team to do the faceless Cage, there is little else to recommend the plot. Now, however, a doctor in Cleveland is going to attempt the first ever face transplant.

Yep, there is indeed a valid medical reason for all this. The patient will be someone horribly disfigured by some fire or dog attack, someone willing to accept having the skin of a cadaver stretched over his or her face in place of extensive scar tissue. Yes, folks, we have reached that frontier. Sadly, it won't be as easy as in the Hollywood version. Thankfully, it shouldn't even approximate the level of changes.


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